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2013 Chevrolet Malibu.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu.
Chevrolet Malibu
Auto Gearhead: Chevrolet has begun setting prices for its redesigned 2013 Chevrolet Malibu lineup, starting with the upper-level Malibu Eco model to be priced from $25,995, including $760 for destination and handling.
The first of Chevrolet’s new family sedans, the Malibu Eco will take over the role that the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid held in the automaker’s lineup until it was dropped from the lineup after the 2010 model year.

 Close in concept, both the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu and its predecessor use a mild hybrid setup that assists the gas engine with the electric motor, instead of either the gas engine or electric motor working independently of one another.
Based around Chevrolet’s 2.4-liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine with an electric motor, the combination produces 182 horsepower—the same as the base Malibu’s non-hybrid system. But with the eAssist technology, Chevrolet claims the car will achieve 26 mpg city/38 mpg highway. It will come with a lithium-ion battery pack in addition to automatic engine start-stop, and regenerative braking—all while only adding 130 pounds over the standard Malibu. Chevrolet is quick to point out that it compares well to the full hybrids in its class, but at a lower price.

Between the Ford Fusion Hybrid (40 mpg city/36 mpg highway), Volkswagen Passat TDI (30 mpg city/40 mpg highway with automatic transmission), Toyota Camry (40 mpg city/38 mpg highway), and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid (35 mpg city/40 mpg highway), none achieve below 30 mpg in any standard, leaving the Malibu Eco in a tenuous spot per its press literature. At least it is more affordable than the aforementioned models.

New for the 2013 model year, Chevrolet has included a host of upgrades, including active aerodynamics that close hood vents at highway speeds to cut through the wind better, standard low rolling-resistance 17-inch tires mounted on aluminum wheels, the MyLink infotainment system, satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, OnStar, and eight airbags distributed throughout the interior. Other features are available like a backup camera, remote starter, a nine-speaker Pioneer stereo system, and leather.
The Chevrolet Malibu Eco goes on sale in the first quarter of next year, representing the first time the Malibu will be sold all over the world in Chevrolet’s lineup. It will initially be produced in Chevrolet’s South Korean factory. Following it, the Malibu LS, LT, and LTZ non-hybrid trims will start production in summer 2012 and hit dealer lots shortly thereafter. (Jacob Brown)
Source: Chevrolet

Senior GM designer Bryan Nesbitt explains the aggressive new styling in the all new 2013 Malibu and how the Camaro influenced it for a sportier look. Precise engineering also make it a contender for the most aerodynamic car in its class.

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