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Power Steering.

Power Steering.
Rack and Pinion Type

Auto Gearhead: Power steering has hydraulic and electric types. Todays, hydraulic power steering is used on almost all car models. Three major components of the power steering is hydraulic vane pump, control valve and power cylinder. To increase driving comfort, most modern cars use wide tires sized and low pressure, which could increase the surface contact area of ​​wheel-to-street. As a result, the required power steering gets heavier.

Power steering can be lowered by lowering the gear ratio steering gear. However, this way will cause rotary motion of the steering wheel when the vehicle becomes more rounded, so it can not do a sharp turn.
To maintain steering and agility, at the same time make the power steering remains light, it takes a kind of steering aids. In other words, power steering, which has been widely used for large vehicles, are now also widely used for small passenger cars.


  1. In modern vehicles, we have found modern and advanced features. It helps to improve the performance of the car, especially in luxurious vehicles, we have found different types of modern and advanced features and specification. Power steering is also a part of modern features and it helps to keep a better control over the vehicle and also it is helpful for smooth driving without putting any huge pressure in our hands.
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