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Safe Nighttime Driving Tips.

Safe Nighttime Driving Tips.
Nighttime driving
AutoGearhead: Have you ever driving at night? What do you feel? Driving in the dark night is one of the most dangerous situations a driver faces. According to a recent study, thirty two percent of drivers say they have trouble seeing all or most of the time at night; twenty six percent claim they have trouble seeing signs when driving at night; twenty percent have difficulty seeing pedestrians, animals and turns in the road and twenty two percent report they cannot judge distance when driving at night. Statistics like these are cause for concern. Many people are turning to night vision glasses in the hope of overcoming these difficulties.

There are many roads out there with low or no lighting and then you also have to contend with the blinding lights coming at you from other drivers. The fatality rate at night, which is considered from 6 pm to 6 am, is three percent higher than the day time rate. Many people complain of eye strain, dry and tired eyes, inability to focus and blurred vision all that can be helped with night vision glasses. Many people feel that the most distracting issue when driving at night are the lights of oncoming traffic and the headlights from cars behind them. And if you have any vision problems to begin with like cataracts or near-sightedness, these problems can be intensified. Many eye professionals are recommending night vision glasses be used to help keep you safer.
Some tips from the professionals  for safe nighttime driving are recommending:

  1. Make sure your headlights are clean, by keeping them clean you are ensuring that you will have better visibility when driving on roads with little or no lighting.
  2. Do not wear sunglasses after dusk. These only make it more difficult to see at night.
  3. Cleaning your windshield inside and outside. This will prevent smears that block your vision and make it more difficult to see.
  4. Dim your instrument panel.  This will reduce brightness when you glance at them.
  5. Drive slower than the speed limit. This is especially true on winding roads.
  6. Wear a pair of night vision glasses that have anti-reflective coating on the lenses.
  7. Adjust your rear view mirror to "night" setting. This will dim the glare of headlights from the cars behind you.
Night Vision Glasses For Safer Driving
This last bit of advice is very important as there are a lot of night vision glasses being sold with a yellow or amber tint that experts agree do not help you when driving at night and can actually hinder you by making dark areas appear even darker. The glasses that are recommended are equipped with an anti-reflective coating (on both sides of the lens) as they transmit more light. By transmitting more light this will help to improve your vision at night. The special coating will reduce the reflection from headlights, which as mentioned before, is the greatest problem for people when driving at night.

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  1. Good tips. Avoiding night driving as much as possible seems like the best precaution. Thanks for posting.

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