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Peugeot 208, the most beautiful car of the year 2011

Peugeot 208
AutoGearhead: The Peugeot 208 is in the final round to become the most beautiful car of the year 2011. Discover eight details of the 208 design.

Stylistic regeneration, the 208 gives form to and refines the new aesthetic codes of the Marque. ‘Floating’ grille, light signature, ‘boomerang’ rear lamps - each detail is designed in complete coherence with the balance of the car, structured by a "spine" the impression of which is even visible on the roof. Sculpted, athletic, both pure and sophisticated, its style projects the Marque towards a renewed and attractive modernity, suggesting sensuousness and energy, smoothness and mischief. The two body types have been given entirely different treatments, with the style of the quarter panel of the three-door version recalling one of its illustrious older siblings.

"A small group, very closely knit, we had the same vision of the direction we should take. That is what inspired us, gave us the strength and energy to succeed in realising all our ideas."
Pierre Authier, 208 Style Manager

"The strength of the 208 lies in its style: it is a real ball of energy. It has the potential to please everyone, without being a compromise, like a popular piece of music that touches the human soul regardless of culture."
Gilles Vidal, Peugeot Style Director

Source: mostbeautifulcar.eurosport.com

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Paul Sheppard

I really impressed with the design and stylish look of this car. Peugeot 208 is basically a small family car with suitable features and specifications. It consists of features which include digital technology, an effective engine system in comparison to other cars, and better performance. Therefore, it got the car of the year (2011) recognition.


Most beautiful car of the year? I don't know much about car. The design is nice and cool.
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Thanks to all our fellow readers for any comment and for your support.